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The Brexit transition period finished on 31st December 2020. From 1st January 2021, all personal and commercial freight crossing UK border will need customs clearance before coming from or going to Europe. Rans Intl handles import & export customs clearance and generates T1 & T2 transit documents at major UK ports like Heathrow, Gatwick, Liverpool, Dover, Folkstone, Felixstowe, Hull, Teesport, Portsmouth, Southampton & Purfleet to manage customs clearance for European freight traffic. Our agents specialise in UK & EU customs clearance and trade deal, and will assist you in filing customs entry, fulfilling duty & VAT tax payment and arranging last mile haulage to delivery address.

UK Customs Clearance

UK Customs Clearance Agent

Our Business Principle

Rans Intl is here to help our customers with the complicated and cumbersome process of customs authority when importing or exporting shipments. Our mantra is simple, we allow you to get on with running your business as that is already keeping you busy enough, without the extra stress and time consuming process of understanding customs clearance. We are here to manage this process on your behalf, relieving your time to do more important things. Rans Intl will make the customs clearance process:

  1. Easy for you to understand
  2. Free up time to run your business
  3. Help you in making important logistics decisions
  4. Take the extra government red tape workload of you
  5. You can have peace of mind, experts are managing it on your behalf.

UK Customs Clearance

Rans Intl provides Customs Clearing Services in UK:

  • Advising on customs procedure and taxes
  • Assistance in producing shipment documents
  • Filing import and export customs entry in UK
  • Generating T1 & T2 docs for your shipments to Europe
  • Arranging Haulage and delivery for goods

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Customs Clearance UK
Brexit Import UK

Brexit UK Import

Rans Intl will assist you in:

  • Understanding import process and customsprocedure for importing personal and commercial shipments
  • Producing correct paperwork for fast customs clearance
  • Filing customs entry and guiding you in paying correct duty & taxes
  • Closing T1 docs at port to avoid fine and penalty
  • Advising on haulage and delivery to your address

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Brexit UK Export

Rans Intl will assist you in:

  • Understanding export process and customs procedure for exporting personal and commercial shipments
  • Producing correct paperwork for fast export customs clearance
  • Filing export customs entry and guiding you in claiming back correct taxes for exported goods
  • Generating T1 & T2 docs with export declaration
  • Advising on haulage to port for onwards journey

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Brexit Export UK

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