We are a family run, multi-national customs clearance company set up in 1972 in Karachi, Pakistan by our grandfather. He started his company with a road-side office and doing clients work while traveling via buses and motorcycle. He started with little to nothing, and made his way up the success ladder by acquiring new clients slowly and building his reputation and hiring more staff. In the span of 20 years, the company had proper business operation headquarters and management and operational staff working very hard to manage busy workload in Karachi, Pakistan. Soon company had offices in UAE, China and finally UK in 2011. Company has started many other operations like buying own fleet of vehicles for haulage, freight forwarding, shipping, charitable trusts, dry dock container terminals, courier and cargo shipping, e-commerce, electric bike manufacturing and software house. We are an evolving and dynamic company run by third generation of family.


Rans Intl was established in December 2018 by our parent company to complement its logistics and customs clearance worldwide operations with the vision to provide logistics services to European trade traffic after brexit and help the UK & EU businesses with customs clearance in UK borders. Rans Intl provides customs clearance at all major UK ports, in addition to transit documents like T1 & T2 and specialised customs clearance services. We have a network of agents in UK and Europe who cover additional ports and provide additional specialised services, so we can better serve our clients as a single solution provider.


We believe in being customer centric, hence our customers are given nominated account managers who they can speak to anytime over phone or text message as they feel comfortable, we let our customers make the rules on communication with their preferences. Your account manager is always available for you to assist at off hours if shipment is arriving late or any other issue arises. The secret to our success is being available for our clients when they need us. So email us today, and we can show you our personalised approach.


Rans Intl mission is to be the industry leader in innovation, solution, service & social responsibilities. We achieve this by taking the time to truly understand the needs of our customers and then reinvent service and processes to help them succeed.


 Rans Intl has always been committed to providing quality service to our local industries. This includes reliable, bespoke, cost-effective service for our customers.


Rans Intl was established in supervision of logistics industry specialist who have 49+ years of experience in logistics and customs clearance. The company is guided by these specialists in establishing its business practices and service selection to best serve our client list.

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