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When it comes to Customs Clearing , experience is everything. At Rans International, we have been providing Customs Clearing and logistics solutions in UK for personal effect and commercial shipment for many years.

This section contains all the information you need to make an informed decision, it explains what Custom Clearance is, role of clearing agent, step-by-step guide for import and export processes in UK,  Rans Intl services to manage Custom Clearance on your behalf and finally an illustrative list of ports we cover in UK.

With up-to-date useful information available to you, you can make informed decision on your custom clearance shipments. We will advice you if you are eligible for claiming exemptions or preference rates of tax on your shipments. We will ensure that you are informed throughout the customs process, so there is no surprises at the end of customs process.

Customs Clearing

Customs Clearance

What is Custom Clearance?

The creation and submission of papers required to facilitate import and export into the country is part of customs clearance process. In order to maintain a continuous supply chain, goods are imported and exported from one country to another. Transportation and shipping of the products happen by road, air, and sea to reach their destination.

What is the Role of Customs Clearing Agent?

Customs clearance is a customs formality that must be completed by an authorised customs broker in order to allow the entry or exit of specific commodities into or out of a country. The role of the customs clearing agency in the efficient and orderly import and export of products is critical. The clearing agent is the party in charge of certifying and monitoring cross-border shipments.

Role of custom clearing agents
Steps in Export Clearing

What steps are followed in UK Export Clearance?

The export of the cargo from the factory is informed to the freight forwarder who would send an empty container from the container yard to factory for loading. The container is filled with the goods and invoice and packing list is sent to customs broker. The broker will file export entry with the customs authority. A goods declaration (GD) document will be issued upon successful export customs declaration. The container will be sent to port, loaded onto ship, and sent to its destination port where import customs will take place.

What steps are followed in UK Import Clearance?

One day before cargo arrives in port, the carrier files Import General Manifest (IGM) with the customs department. Each ship has one IGM number and each consignment has a line number which is entered in the bill of entry. Customs broker can file import entry once IGM is filed. Customs broker will use shipment documents like invoice, packing list to file import entry to clear the shipment from port and pay taxes after which, haulage company can pick up the goods from port and deliver to customer warehouse.

Steps in import clearing
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Our Customs Clearance Services?

Rans Intl offers customs clearance services for both import and export shipment. We have specially trained personnel with specialised customs knowledge on hand. If you’re concerned about how goods are imported and exported from the United Kingdom to other parts of the world, contact our experts. They are eager to assist you and will find most cost effective solution for your requirements. Our customs clearance service involves preparing and submitting the necessary documentation to facilitate import and export.

Essential Guide to Clearing Goods?

The entire customs clearance process is monitored and managed by our professionals. Our customs clearance service is usually completed in minutes or hours. Simply appoint us as your agent, and we’ll take care of your goods clearance.

Essential guide of Trade
Custom Clearing agent

Our Customs Clearance Agents?

We are proud to say you that we are professional, experienced, and completely committed to offering the best Customs clearance services for goods import and export. Our goal is to provide complete customer experience. We will provide sound counsel, provide assistance, and carry out the tasks allocated to us in a timely and efficient manner. To avoid costly and time-consuming delays, our staff will take full responsibility for all import and export deadlines.

Who are Our Partner Companies?

We have a vast network of agents and partner companies based in UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, China, Middle East, Pakistan and India which enables us to provide customs clearance and supply chain management services at ports around the world. We are proud to serve our customers’ needs under one roof, saving them time and money. We cater for vast numbers of ports in globe, an illustrative list is given below, please email our staff at and they will assist you with your shipment.

Rans Partner Company

illustrative list of ports we cater for;

Port of Belfast Port of Felixtowe Port of Forth
Port of Grimcby Port of Hartlepool Port of Immingham
Port of London Port of Southampton Port of Teesport
Port of Tilbury
Port of Dover Port of Folkstone Port of Harwich
Port of Haysham Port of Hull Port of Liverpool
Port of Milford Haven Port of Plymouth Port of Poole
Port of Portsmouth
East Midland Airport Edinburg Airport Gatwick Airport
Glasgow Airport Heathrow Airport Liverpool Airport
Luton Airport Manchaster Airport Prestwick Airport
Stansted Airport
Bulgaria Crotia France
Germany Italy Netherlands
Poland Portugal Romania

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