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Customs Template Documents Explanation

Template of DocsCustoms template of docs are made for ease for our customs clearance customers. You can use these customs template documents with your shipment for customs clearance from UK ports.

Customs Authority: We request all customers to fill customs authority once you contract us to act on your behalf for customs clearing, so we can keep it on record and present to customs authority when needed.

CMR: We have created a multi-purpose CMR template for our customers which can be used instead of standard CMR, Invoice and Packing List. This custom made CMR acts as 3 in 1 and can be used as invoice, packing list and standard CMR for customs import or export purpose for personal or non-commercial shipments.

T1 Export Instructions: These instructions are to be filled when you require a T1 to be issued for an export shipment, you can either fill in this soft copy form or fill it online on our website.

Goods Origin Statement: Goods origin declaration is inlcuded in our commercial invoice template as a single liner at the bottom, but incase you are not sure, you can fill in this short form to declare the origin of goods to claim duty preference and benefit.

Indemnity Form: Please fill in this form when sending us your first T1 instruction form, as we require you to sign this with every T1 issued. This form puts the responsibility of correct use of T1 gaurantee on you, so customs knows whos responsible incase T1 isnt closed at destination port.

Commercial Invoice or Proforma Invoice: This is mandatory template with all shipments, as we require an invoice for goods to declare value to customs authority to acertain goods duty and vat. We are unable to process shipments without invoice attached.

Packing List: We require this when your commercial invoice doesnt mention net weight, gross weight, HS codes, and box quantities. We will notify you if you require this for your shipment.

Postpone VAT declaration: This form is to be filled when you want to adjust the VAT import bill into your normal VAT delaration with HMRC.

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